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Experts are more certain than ever before that real human activity is transforming the worldwide climate, even though they do not fully understand every detail of the climate system.

Climate change is taking place. We view it in temperature, we have seen it in the reducing ice, and we notice it in sea-level rise. The changes are caused by climbing atmospheric amounts of carbon dioxide with a chemical signature from the burning up of non-renewable fuels.

Concentrations of carbon dioxide elevated by 40 % from 1880 to 2012. Consequently, global temperatures are 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit hotter in comparison to 1900, Arctic sea ice is getting smaller, sea levels are 8 inches bigger, ocean acidity is increasing, and the regional habitats of many plants and animals seem to be transforming.

Vital places of uncertainty include the cause of the latest slowdown in warming, identified as the hiatus; reports of how abundant increased temperatures can be anticipated in the future; the connectors amongst climate change and extreme weather events such as the regularity and strength of hurricanes, droughts, and flooding; and the function of clouds.

However, in today's political environment, where climate change denial is persistent at our peak levels of government, it appears to be that the information is not being noticed.

Also, if you take into consideration the amount of black tar roadways on the planet that are absorbing heat and releasing it at night, it would make sense that this would increase the global warming effects around the world. It has also been proven, that all the black soot from all the production facilities across the world, are landing in Greenland and the arctic areas, causing the glaciers to melt because of the absorbed heat on the dark material.

For more information, watch the "Free Your Mind Conference" video on our main page to learn about global warming as well as a host of other issues that need to be fixed.

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