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Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist best known for his efforts for creating the present day alternating electric current (AC) electricity supply system.
Tesla received expertise in telephony and electro-mechanical engineering before emigrating to the United States in 1884 to work for Thomas Edison in New York City. He quickly struck out on his own with money backers, placing together science laboratories together with firms to build an assortment of electronic gadgets. His patented AC induction electric motor (not to mention transformer) were certified by George Westinghouse, who likewise hired Tesla for a limited time period as a specialist. Tesla resolved to go on to follow his thoughts of wireless lighting as well as electrical energy distribution in his high-voltage, high-frequency energy trials in New York and Colorado Springs and made early (1893) pronouncements concerning the prospect of wireless communication along with his equipment. He sought to put these types of ideas to practical use in his ill-fated endeavor at overseas wireless transmission; his incomplete Wardenclyffe Tower project. In his lab he also made a range of research with electro-mechanical oscillator/generators, electricity discharge tubes, and early on X-ray imaging. He even developed a wireless manipulated vessel which may have been the initial such gadget ever viewed.




Tesla's triumphs and his capabilities as a showman demonstrating his seemingly awesome innovations made him world-famous. Although he built a substantial quantity of money from his patents, he expended a great deal financing his personal projects. He was living for most his lifespan in a series of New York inns despite the fact that the finish of his patent income and eventual bankruptcy brought about him to live in decreased circumstances. Tesla carried on to invite the media to events he presented on his birthday to publicize completely new inventions he was working on and generate (occasionally different) public assertions. For the reason that of his pronouncements and the nature regarding his work through the years, Tesla acquired a repute in popular culture as the archetypal "crazy researcher". He died on 7 January 1943.

Here is a video which goes over free energy technology in a car that all has it's links to Nikola Tesla. You could say he is the father of free energy.

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