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            Do you ever wonder why our governments rarely accomplish anything good?

            Why can’t they just leave us alone, to raise our families, to live in peace?

            Why don’t they do the job we have elected them to do, as they have repeatedly promised?  Don’t they work for the people?

            Why do “peace talks” usually end in death?

            Why is the money we pay in taxes never enough?

            Why do they suppress desperately needed technology that can eliminate worldwide suffering on a mass scale?

            Why is the economy and not the earth and our environment the top priority in the media?  Without a healthy planet, none of us would exist, none of us!

            Why are diseases running rampant, with the worst new yet to come?

            Why does the beef and poultry industry consume over 50% of the hormones and antibiotics produced in this country?  Why is FDA approving carcinogens in our food?

            Well folks, here is your wake up call!

            We are done asking why, and now ask you to review the following information obtained at great expense, the least being financial, then ask yourselves is this the kind of world I want to live in, to raise my   children?

            I know some of what we have to say will be difficult to believe.  However, we will submit to psychiatric evaluation anytime, if it helps to pull your head out of your rectum and realize the world will never change under our present belief system.  The main reason nothing gets done is because the truth is concealed in a perceived reality that has snowballed into a game of high tech slavery and control.

            For those of you that know something is desperately wrong and didn’t think you had anyplace to go, we are here.

            The C.C.R.G. has done much research on the political system.

            We do not want this book to be another literary piece on the injustices of the world, but a membership card to an organization dedicated to exposing evil, and promoting positive and beneficial technologies to the world.  We must raise the quality of life for all beings on land and in our oceans.

            The voting booth “just ain’t cutting it”.

            If you think you can elect someone that represents your interests under our present system, you are very much mistaken.  If you need proof of this ask yourself if you would elect someone that endorses enough nukes to blow up the earth many times, to conceive and create chemical, nuclear, biological and other horrific tools of destruction.  I bet your answer is no.

            But guess what, you already have many, many, many times!  Not because you didn’t believe you were voting for the “right guy”, but because our present system only deceives and manipulates to allow only the “special interest representative” win!

            We can no longer site back and let them take our health, destroy our families, tell us about the war on drugs while they supply over 75% of them, poison our food, water and planet.

            If you want tot be “hands on” not “hand job”, with a group, with serious goals towards aggressively restructuring our world, join us, we need you, you need us, together we are evils worst nightmare.  I ask you, haven’t they been enough of a nightmare to us?!  How much more suffering or disease do you need to see to convince you?

            Remember about 3,000 evil entities control almost everything.  There are 6,000,000,000 people in the world, my money’s on us.

            We will present several pieces of information in this book.  Whether you believe us or not is your choice.  We do however hope you do something, to positively impact society, your environment, your neighborhood, or your family.  The point is to strive towards positive, do not submit to negative or counterproductive technologies and/or philosophies.  If enough of us focused on this, the world would not be where it is today!

            We don’t care if you believe in little pink fish or little green men, if your mind still functions logically, and you want to help your world, join us.

            Several of our key members are women.  As a general rule, they don’t glamorize the horrors of war or accept destructive technologies as readily as men do.  We at the C.C.R.G. strongly endorse further implementation of women in our governmental system.

            Remember- many good ideas throughout history were first considered heresy.  By the time we figured out they were true, many paid the ultimate price.  We hope you’re intuitive enough to tell the difference!

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